Yung Cheng Lin, Art Director and photographer

Yung Cheng Lin, Art Director and photographer

Yung Cheng Lin Art | I type the name of Yung Cheng Lin on Flickr where I already know that I will find a chain of images.
I have already seen some of them on the net and something tells me that I have to upload my own that page.
Boom, boom and boom again.
Women object-subject-matter and how inert matter. White, torn, empty.
But wait a minute: no, it’s not like that.

Yung Cheng Lin, the full void…

There is absolutely nothing that could be defined as “empty” in Yung Cheng Lin’s photography.
On the contrary, it proves to be a powerful and meaningful photograph, a photograph that by its very nature cannot speak, does not have a narrator, does not have sounds.
it manages to tell the multifaceted condition of the woman today, stylized, material indeed, without sex.
A secular and not prudent photograph that tells the whole daily life: sexuality, pain, frustration, birth where the geometric element occurs almost as if wanting to report again and again the energy of the spectator straight to the point.

[…] Yung Cheng Lin considers herself a true feminist. The artist thinks that the contemporary media definition of femininity is too narrow, judgmental and seriously devoid of freedom.
With his nerve-racking photography, he wishes to discuss women’s issues and bring a fresh and Asian artistic extra to the collective narrative.
An example would be the staging of self-inflicted torture and restrictions that many women use to adapt to beauty and gender norms.
Her depictions of bras, menstrual periods, as well as transgender identities and injuries are viscerally < strong> disturbing and authentic .
By denouncing sexual objectification, control of body and mind, the artist strikes us precisely in his feelings.


Yung Cheng Lin art
Ph. Credit Yung Cheng Lin – Art Director and photographer

Yung Cheng Lin art
Ph. Credit Yung Cheng Lin – Art Director and photographer
NameYung Cheng Lin
ProfessionFotografo e art director
ProvenanceTainan, Taiwan

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